Hey, I'm Éinín.

Yes, it's Irish; it's pronouned AY-neen, but if you speak Japanese, you can pronounce it like 「エイニン」and that's also correct. I'm 23 years old and I'm the internet's #1 Moira O'Deorain enthusiast (probably.) I'm a roleplayer first and foremost (yipes!) but I also dabble in writing, art, web design... you get the idea. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. Primarily, I like to design webpages for things that don't exist, because I'm a huge sucker for trope of defictionalization.

My interests on the computer include playing video games like Overwatch and Apex Legends (though I'm terrible at both,) playing visual novels, doing (bad) graphic design, and avoiding learning Javascript 'cause it's hard and I'm too pretty. My interests away from the computer include things like learning languages I have no intention of actually speaking, bioethics, cooking and baking, reading medical nonfiction, eating mozzarella sticks, antagonizing my girlfriend, and drinking Blue Chair Bay Rum.

This website exists so that I have something to link to when people ask me about what I do. I haven't done a lot of things yet, but I've only just turned 23, so let's manage expectations.

My work

moiraodeorain.com — a website designed to host all of my headcanons and other information about Moira O'Deorain from Overwatch in the form of defictionalized webpages relating to her various interests and professions. It's basically just a show bible for anything I produce about Moira, be it my roleplaying, fanfic, art, etc.

Quality of Life Fixes for Cherp.Chat — a page with some simple CSS fixes to make cherp.chat just a little bit more usable on desktop, utilizing the Stylus browser extension. It hasn't been updated in a while.

Cherp Alternatives — For a period of time, cherp.chat was down and it was believed to be indefinite, and in response I made a simple guide to alternatives to the website with various important bits of information to help people find roleplays offsite. I'm in the process of rebuilding this to be more neutral and showcase places to roleplay online in general, but it's going slowly.

where to find me

I'm most active on Tumblr, but I also have a Twitter that I don't use, and I have an account on ArchiveOfOurOwn, as well as toyhou.se account. I can also be reached on Discord, the username for which I'm happy to give out to anyone who contacts me some other way (for example, Twitter DMs, or a Tumblr ask). Sorry, it's just that this page is indexed, haha.